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A Letter to My Lover

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The first time I was with him, I texted him on my way over that I was nervous. When I got to his house, he was waiting for me outside. He took me inside and gave me the nickel tour of his home.

He led me up to his bedroom.

I wanted this encounter to be just about sex.

I wanted quick and fast and satisfying. I didn’t want to deal with emotions. Not Yours, not mine, not his.

I got it and I didn’t get it. We were slow to start. Like both of us didn’t know who should make the first move. So I took control. I striped him down and took him inside my mouth. He was already hard and at the touch of my mouth, he jumped. I was excited to see how excited he was for me.


The power was mine at that moment and I was back in control. I watched him watching me go down on him, I felt his hands trying to reach out to touch me and I stopped him; denying him the pleasure of pleasuring me. I brought him so close to the brink and then I stopped not allowing him release either. He pulled me to him and kissed me. I remember thinking that you were a much better kisser.


His hand went to my pussy and this time I let him feel the wetness waiting for him. I told him I wanted to be filled. I wanted to enjoy him, but not look at him or let him look at me as I came. I did not want to share my orgasm with him, rather I wanted to use his cock to deliver what I was craving.

Turned away from him I felt him enter me and a hiss went through me as the heat seared me. I had told him to give it too me hard and fast but at that first thrust, I couldn’t. It was too much for me and that is when I lost control to him. I grabbed on to the rails on his bed and he slowly, tortuously thrust inside me. Using one hand to steady himself by grabbing my waist and another to reach my clit, he methodically stroked his way deeper inside me forcing my body to open to accommodate him. I used his bed to rock against him, eagerly accepting and feeling my body burn then quiver as I started to melt over his cock. My liquids running down both our legs onto his bed.


I remember smiling thinking of how he would have to sleep in my cum. He would have to fall asleep smelling my scent and I liked that knowledge.  My body was peaked and I wanted more but the pain was also real. As if knowing my limitations, he pulled my hair lifting my head to his mouth and whispered “ride me”.  I shook and and I quivered and my nipples hardened even more. Climbing on him was like purposely impaling myself on a sword. Suddenly my shaking was uncontrollable and my body moved against his cock in the primal way one body does with another. And he watched, he watched every move, every twitch, collected every sigh, moan, and scream.


I’d open my eyes and see something I couldn’t define at that moment and closed my eyes to it. Instead I rode the ecstasy that he offered and lost control of all but reaching the next pinnacle until I collapsed. When I could speak again, I apologized for not letting him cum. He said he came 10 minutes ago, but didn’t want to stop me. He wanted to keep watching.


by Sassy Britches

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  1. His Little Honey Bee

    Yes. Oh how i needed that. You make me miss being truly fucked by a man. i shouldn’t even be here…but i am.


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