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a taste. (part i)

While I was supposed to be heading to Atlanta for an MBA conference, my delayed flight home to Charlotte gave me a sign that I should just forego this year, so I spent a few hours waiting for a plane that connected in Philadelphia in the Admiral’s Club, and responding to emails and sending regrets to those I had planned to see.

Finally landing back in the Queen City, I immediately pulled into my garage, dropped my briefcase and luggage just inside the door before heading upstairs to the shower, leaving a trail of clothes… Loafers at the door, tie on the credenza next to the mail left from last week’s visit from the housekeeper, a blazer on the back of the couch… Upstairs, I finished stripping, and turned on the water for a shower before bed.  Reaching for my contact solution, I realized I had my only solution and case still packed, and failed to bring that bag upstairs. Instead of reaching for a robe or towel, I held my swollen manhood in one hand and scurried down the stairs, through the hall with the hard woods chilly beneath my feet.

As I held myself, I realized just how long it had been since I released, and while it may be in my mind, it felt like my balls were heavier than normal.  Looking up, I realized that the blinds were still open, and anyone driving by was definitely getting an eye full, as I bent over to lift my suitcase and grab my carry-on bag.

Returning to the bathroom, I threw things in their respective places and settled into the shower. As the warm water hit my shaved head, and traveled down my defined body, I just stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes feeling the warmth of the steam surround me, melting the day’s stresses away.

Lathering and washing my body from my smooth head down to my toes, I let the water hit my back, run down the back of my legs, and just as I finished my cleaning ritual, I turned on the other shower heads and sat on the smooth marble seat to let the jets massage my body. Watching the water trace my six pack and the veins of my arms, the only thing that would’ve been better at that moment would have been to have someone step in to massage and stroke my swollen, but not fully erect manhood, to release my load that has been built up for the past 3 weeks. While I was too tired to even fathom doing anything, I felt the urge to release, but decided to step out of the shower, and towel off. Feeling lazy, instead of reaching for anything, I just went to bed naked.

Waking up, I took what should have been a day spent networking with other execs and recruiting for my firm, and rolled over onto the other side of the bed, laying on my full mast, pressing it against the mattress, hoping to sleep in a few extra minutes. Just as I began to drift off, I heard the housekeeper enter downstairs. I definitely forgot this is the day Jamie comes to clean, and called out to prevent any alarm, “Hey, just so you know I’m still here and haven’t left for the day.”  With a quick, “Ok, thanks!” as a response, I hopped out of bed and headed into the closet to grab something to wear.

While I wanted to grumble about the disruption of my anticipated slumber, I realized this would be a good time to get up and go work out and run some errands I had put off. After flying coast to coast the last 3 weeks and living in a hotel room, that delayed flight home was actually a god-send. I gathered a few things, dressed, and began heading downstairs. I caught Jamie’s eye and nodded towards the garage with a wink to prevent yelling over the vacuum as I started to head out. Flashing a beautiful smile to acknowledge me, I grabbed my keys and closed the door behind me. Pulling up to the gym, I realized this was a perfect time to work out, as few cars were in the lot. Grabbing my bag and heading through the door, I reached for my badge while I was looking down and fumbling, I heard, “Jason!” in a surprised and pleasant tone.

To my surprise, I looked up to see a gorgeous, but familiar face smiling at me across the lobby, resting on a perfectly toned silhouette.

“Hey Lizzie, how are you!? I haven’t seen you since you left the firm,” I replied while attempting to hold my excitement to see her. Upon grabbing her extended hand, I glanced at the other holding a bottle of water, which no longer held any sign of an engagement ring, and I instantly felt a growing movement in my compression shorts.

Lizzie and I worked together at my firm for about a year on a project that she was also consulting for. Just before she got an offer at a competitor, she got engaged, and while everyone in the group was happy for her, a part of me had selfish hopes that I would find her small frame wrapped in my arms, and waking in my bed one morning after a night of making my dreams come true.. I often caught myself watching her presentations as her pencil skirt wrapped tightly yet still professionally around her beautiful thighs, and rested just above her knees… Every week she seemed to have a new pair of heels that while black and unnoticed by many in the room, caught my attention as I dreamed of tracing up her calves with my tongue, and squeezing her round posterior with my large muscular hands. Looking up at her as she pointed on the screen to her graphs, seeing her exquisitely manicured fingers and following her arm back to her bountiful bosom, which often had tresses of hair landing just at the level of where her nipples would sometimes show through her camisole due to the frigid temperature of the 4th floor conference room, I often found myself biting the cap of my Mont Blanc. One particular time, I looked down realizing a drop of saliva rolled across my moist lips. My growing member had already began to rub the underside of the conference table, as I saw her lean over to adjust some figures on her laptop and my line of sight offered an amazing view into her ample mounds contained by the most delicate black lace, and down her smooth, flat stomach to the darkness of her skirt… I could only imagine what her smooth chocolate colored skin tasted like.

During this conversation, I tried to resist letting my eyes drift down her body, which has gotten even shapelier and defined since we last saw each other, but caught myself at times drifting to her thighs which were accentuated by her yoga pants. Snapping back to reality and hearing her speak of a wedding; I tried to regain my reality. I found out she’s still with her firm, but is constantly out of town as well. That is what caused a rift with her then fiancée, and for the past few months, she’s been just busy with being in and out of town. The engagement has been off months, and she has been buried in work since. She was also supposed to be at the MBA conference in Atlanta, but has a friend’s wedding to attend here in town.  Telling her to send my best wishes, I tried to contain a smile.. To know that it was not her wedding, and that this gorgeous woman is unattached sent my mind into thought. After she extended her hand for a departure handshake, I took the extension as an opportunity to pull her into a hug and feel her body press against my firm chest refuting her “but I’m in the middle of working out” playful push. “It’s been entirely too long since I’ve seen you, and I’m too happy to reconnect” I retorted. I felt her hands pull me into her but thought maybe I was imagining things…

By Mr. Lovelace

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