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a taste. (part ii)

(Read part i here)

Letting her resume her routine, I swiped into the gym, and went to the locker room to put my things away. Walking in the locker room, I saw a few familiar trainers and of course some guys who eat and sleep in this gym it seems, and have no shame displaying their physiques at all times.. I have no qualms with nudity, and can appreciate the desire to show off the work you put in which makes for a chiseled body, but carrying on conversations with towels draped over a shoulder instead of wrapped around your waist just reminded me how much more work I have to get these pecs more developed and my 6-pack more defined.

After throwing my things in a locker and heading to the gym floor, I got to my usual sets. While stretching before starting a run, I looked into the aerobics room and saw Lizzie start to throw her things into her bag. Unsure why, I walked to meet her at the doorway she was approaching. Maybe it was the glimpse I saw in the mirror as I was doing curls and saw a few extra veins pop in my arms as I did my biceps, or seeing the ridge between my pectorals while doing the butterfly, but I felt a sudden surge of confidence.


“I know it’s been a while, and I want to kee…” But before I could finish, Lizzie interjected with a smile, “I sent my cell phone number to your work email, since I know you’re still with the firm. If you’re free tonight a few of us are meeting at the Ale House for happy hour. I know you know a few people from Nations (another firm we often worked with). Send me a text.”

Caught for a moment, I simply replied, “Great! I will come through” I replied as she turned and walked away. I watched as the waistband parted and revealed that she was wearing a blue and white dotted thong, and just smiled, biting my lower lip. The top of her ass appeared just as smooth as I imagined.. Feeling the blood begin to rush to my head, and wanting to avoid an awkward erection while on the bench, I quickly returned to my workout. Feeling the weeks of business class seating, and cross country flying, I limited myself to only a few miles on the track, and went to the shower.


My favorite stall was already taken, so I ended up in the very middle of the stalls, with no real privacy. Dropping my towel, I walked to my shower and was met with a few of the guys who clearly have no qualms with nudity. Given the glances, it seems they had no problems with mine either, as one of the guys who is a known trainer around the gym, smiled and looked me over, as if to start a conversation. I smiled to myself, but there was no time to carry on, so I proceeded to shower. Something about that exchange made my workout validated… Having a trainer give an approving glance, made it seem that the work I put in has truly paid off and must be showing results… While the water hit my body, I began to imagine the warm water on my chest traveling down as Lizzie’s fingers. Looking down, I realized my 8 inch dick was was beginning to swell, so I figured it best to finish, dress, and head out of the club..

Getting to the parking lot, I checked my phone, saw Lizzie’s message, and caught myself smiling when I looked in my reflection of the black tinted windows of my Tahoe. Realizing time was passing, I headed to the bank and dry cleaners and a few other errands I set out to do for the day. With time passing, I drove home, saw that Jamie’s car was gone, so I pulled into the garage, dropped my bag in the mudroom, and hung my laundered shirts on the hook by the door. Diving on the couch, I fumbled over what to respond to Lizzie with via text, so I simply sent a message to confirm that I got her message, locked her number in, and would definitely see her in a few.


Before I could put the phone down, she responded immediately, and her response puzzled me, as it said, “Great. Hope you’re ready for tonight.. It’s going to make up for your missing the conference, lol :-).”

Everyone knows this MBA conference is great for networking, but evenings are about nightlife and for lack of better words, “professional Spring Break.” With my mind wandering, I drifted into a nap on the couch, and woke a while later. Looking at the clock, I went upstairs and decided to go ahead and get dressed and head over to the happy hour. Driving up I looked over and saw the group out on the patio and saw Lizzie sitting on a bar stool near the door with an empty seat right behind her. Without breaking into a sprint, I hurried and rushed to get there, hoping to find myself seated there. Thankfully, I made it before anyone else scoped the treasured spot, and I wedged myself in, grabbing her small waist and grazing her hips. I intentionally shuffled closer to her hoping she felt my swollen dick, as I leaned down, and whispered in a low voice, “sorry I’m a bit late” in her ear.


Reaching, she grabbed my hand on her waist, holding me there, with my body still pressed against hers, and she turned and looked up at me with her beautiful smile and said, “no you’re just in time, and I saved your seat and ordered the last thing I remember you drinking, Arnold Palmer with Honey Jack.” It’d been years, but that is definitely my signature drink, so I thanked her and took my seat, pulling it next to her after speaking to and going around the table of other associates. After a few rounds of drinks and bites, a few people went to play pool, and I suggested we go find a table as well. After finding a table, we made a friendly wager of loser pays.  Since I rarely play, I knew I’d end up paying, though. Watching her play, I kept a close eye on her form and figure, and had to resist the swelling in my pants as I watched her sliding that pool stick between her fingers, and her biting her bottom lip as she pulled back each time. Just as she was about to sink her last solid, she scratched. As I placed the ball and started to gain, I saw her lean on the table as with her arms seemingly amplifying her already sensual breasts as she leaned down to see my line of vision. (Feeling another pool stick arise yet again, I tried to concentrate on the game). Just before sinking the last stripe, I missed and Lizzie swooped in to clear the board.


“Great game, now that you’re paying!” Lizzie smirked as we returned to the patio. We noticed a few packing up, and I laid down my card to pay for our tab. Lizzie turned and said, “Care to head to the house tonight, a few are stopping by to continue the fun.” So I told her sure, and followed her out to the lot and up the road to her house. Not paying much attention, I didn’t realize that the convoy out of the restaurant diminished as we turned into her community, and resulted in just the 2 of us at her driveway. Getting out, I asked were others coming later, and met with a smile, said, “There are others coming later. Come help me set up though.” Walking in, a flood of memories from a Labor Day weekend that I ended up crashing on her couch came back, but I snapped out as she asked me to come to the kitchen to help out. As she dried her hands, I walked over to the sink, and she instructed me to help her with a few things. I caught myself looking at her reaching up to the cabinet and all I could think of while my hands ran under the hot water were of feeling her own wetness on my fingers.


Her legs traveled up and at the top sat a perfect ass, which just mesmerized me. Thinking of running my fingers up her leg and over her soft pussy, I felt my dick growing yet again with the thought of inserting my tongue and tasting her sweetness. I don’t know how long that thought process went, but embarrassingly, I turned on the garbage disposal with my growing member. She turned and saw and said, “oh the switch is in the worst possible place, just turn that off…” as she reached to turn the switch off, and I sensed that she felt my dick’s pulse. Drying my hands, I helped get glasses down. I noticed there were only 4 glasses that she brought down, and I asked, “so who is coming over?”

By Mr. Lovelace

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