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My Thoughts

Why Aren’t You In My Mouth

The way he glides over my tongue. Such smooth skin. The slight sweetness of pre-cum. The shortness of time from flaccid to stone. The length and girth of Him. Why aren’t you in my mouth right now? Why? *purrs*

How I Lotion My Ass

This is precisely how I put lotion/body oil on my ass. It feels rather lovely. You should try it….o.O…on your own ass of course. *purrs* 

Coming Out of the Shower

Ever come out of the shower and while you’re drying off, you get a scent of something so sweet and luscious but you know it’s not your Butterflies And Rainbows bodywash? Only to realize it’s your pussy? Oh…just me? Ok….
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You Live Here

That’s where you live and where you should be. *purrs*

Time To Flick Your Bic

Time to go to bed early so I can have enough time to masturbate before I pass out… Ain’t nothing like looking at the clock and knowing you don’t have enough time to flick your bic….*grumbles and mumbles* *purrs*