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Sometimes It Be Like That

Sometimes it be like that. Other times you move around to let him know you like what he’s doing. Then there’s the time you feel like getting a workout in real quick. Who knows. Only you do. *purrs*

Sensual Sexual

Gawd. I need to find this full video. Now this…THIS…is hot. That look on his face…unf. *purrs*

Missing His Ass

As you can see…I’m really missing his ass. His ass and his face…and his peen. Not in that order. *purrs*

a taste. (part ii)

(Read part i here) Letting her resume her routine, I swiped into the gym, and went to the locker room to put my things away. Walking in the locker room, I saw a few familiar trainers and of course some guys…
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Wake Up

Me waking Him up when I’ve had too much good sleep (and probably some good dick the night before). *purrs*

He’s Tired

I wish that’s how it worked. He would just push my head away and roll over talmbout “I’m tired”. *purrs*