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Eric’s voice roars out from the crowd of men by the bar. He watches as Latinas stroll by; some taller than others, some bigger than others, and in his mind, some just right. One Latina he was eyeing finally gave him the eyes back. He strolled over to her and whispered something sweet in her ear. His hand rolled down her hips and started to rub up against her well proportioned thighs; this chick was built.

She stood a solid 5 feet 3 inches.

Curly black hair.

Hazel green eyes.

Rounded ass and hips.

And her chest was a large B or low C.

His hands smoothly split the space between her thighs and started to inch closer. The only way to see them is that you needed to be in the right position. She spread her legs and his fingers danced between the folds of her wet lips. Circling her clit, she began to move lightly on the bar stool. The moves of his arms caught the attention of no one and the look of elation on her face could be confused with good grooves in the music. He stuck two fingers deep and twisted and turned them again her walls with his thumb slowly working her clit. She spoke but no one heard her, and she moaned into his ear something enough to get him moving from his post against the bar.

They hurried off to a dark place, a table almost in the back but secluded enough. She sat on his lap and laughed, moaned, and escaped as she bounced up and down on his lap. What no one around them knew was that he was buried balls deep inside her sweet cavern. It’s the reason Eric loved Latinas; they were easy to wet and she was practically gushing around his manhood. Up and down she bounced with her dress covering enough that it looked like she was just gyrating against him to the music. He reached around and placed a hand under her dressed and rubber her clit again. The people around, so lost in their own music and dancing, still haven’t noticed.

She was moving faster and faster. He watched her ass bounce and loved the sight, grabbing it with her free hand. He grabbed her hair and pulled back lightly; she looked back like “harder” so he pulled harder and she began to work him deeper inside of her hot box. She was starting to feel that familiar rise in her loins, and in seconds she was cummin all over him; the excitement had her squirting onto the floor in front of them. She leaned back and said something to him in his ear and lifted herself up again and this time allowed him to enter her “culo”.

She slid down slowly and rose up slowly, she wanted to take him in fully. Slowly she built up steam and began moving at the pace she had before, smacking her ass against his thighs, beckoning him to “give it to her.” He grabbed her waist and was fucking her with reckless abandon, holding her down as he reached his peak and came deep inside her anal cavity. She was exhausted and so was he. She reached back and pulled her dress down and sat beside him, whispered in his ear, “My name is Carla, by the way”. He smiled as she sipped her drink and rested from the public fucking. She asked for his phone and added her number with a message saying ’next time’…….

By Stillpoetic

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