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Eric, Kat, Char: The Teasing Game


Women are very competitive.

If that was something I didn’t know or recognize before, I certainly am sure of it now. Kat and Char, as much as they are good with sharing, they have their moments where they have to get the better of one another. Char is a fashion designer that many felt should be more modeling the clothes than designing them. This schedule allowed her to have as much free time as she wanted. Kat works for an ad agency so sometimes she just takes a few days off and telecommutes from home. I forgot to mention more details to you:

Char is caramel skin with mid level black hair she usually kept in a curly fro or stringy curls, matched with her hazel, and at times grey, eyes. She was a dream to just look at it. Char also has a tattoo of a dragon that curves around her body from her shoulder to her mid thigh. Her chest, a hand full of goodness and you could tell she worked to keep her waist to hip ratio really fair.


Kat is a fiery redhead but she never liked it so she kept her hair darker. One time she had a hot purple in there. She has freckles, almond brown eyes, and is lighter than Char by a shade. Kat has a chest that would make heavens angels sing, her body is mouth watering and her hip to waist to ass ratio is staggering.


Back to the story, seeing how they had a lot of free time this week and I didn’t, they spent time at the house and the emails I would get were steamy to say the least. The first email on Monday, 20 mins after I got into work, was from Kat’s phone where it showed just the top of Kat’s head buried between Chars spread thighs. It was a clip no more than 10 secs of moaning and slurping, lucky I kept my headphones in when I got out the car because they were loud. Around lunch time, I get a second email and this time it is 15 seconds long with just the back of a hand, seeing the movements you could tell it must have been playing with the Recorder’s clit. It was sent from Chars phone this time. Things like this went on all week and now you can see where the competition was can’t you?


Who can turn me on the most during the day.

Sad thing is by the time I would get home they would usually be too sore or tucked out to do anything with me…that was until Thursday. On Thursday, I came home early around lunch time to find the house mostly quiet but there was a distinct smell of pussy juice and strawberry in the air. I walked through the house and looked into most rooms until I went into the Television Room to see Kat behind Char slapping her ass. Kat grunting and Char moaning with each slap. It turns out she was fucking Char with a strap on about half the size of my own dick. I quietly stripped off my pants and began to stroke silently watching them. Slowly stroking my dick, I grabbed the camera and recorded this impressive show. Kat happened to look up and startled a bit seeing me in the doorway but she smiled a wicked smirk and gave it to Char more as I matched their pace with my stroking. I moved around the couch and caught it from Kat’s point of view as Char rounded to another screaming orgasm. She was pleading for Kat to finish as I neared mine. I came right on Chars ass, to say she was shocked is an understatement. Her ass and pussy were on display but she was too tired to move from her ‘head down ass up’ position.


Kat jumped behind her and started to lap at her pussy and clean the mess I made as I continued to record this beautiful show. We were all tired and stretched across the couch with Char nursing on my dick like a baby with a nipple and Kat petting her pussy like the smooth cat it was; we were like this for hours. We sipped wine and as the sun began its setting, we were at it again with Kat holding on to the bay window while I plunged into her pussy. On the outside of the window on the small deck Char was putting on a show for us, her beautiful pussy kissed by the sunset. What a way to end the day with cum dripping out of my beautiful wife and a beautiful woman slurping it out. That started a great weekend of not really fucking but love making between us and the competition of who can cum the most continues.


By Stillpoetic

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