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Eric, Kat, Char


I guess in some circles, my girl and I would be considered weird, while in others we would be considered right at home. The thing is we keep a “girl” in our home, she’s not a slave or anything, ‘mind you, she can come and go as she pleases. This girl has been with us for the past few years.

Her name is Char, I’m Eric and my wife is Kat.

Kat and I weren’t swingers or anything before we met Char, we happened to meet Char at a high class function. Char wore an elegantly delicious single shoulder dress with cleavage peeking out of her top, not that I was looking, The dress was black, form fitting with a split up the right thigh and what I now know to be a dragon tattoo peaking out. The three of us sat, talked, and engaged one another for hours at this function like we were the only ones in the room. Long after the festivities ended and all the guests were gone on their way, it was us by the elevator still talking like old friends. We invited Char in for a night cap and that’s when the fun began…she did things to me & Kat that, I can promise you, we either never experienced or haven’t since college.

Back to today.


She met me at the door with just one of my dress shirts on and her long brown hair in a smart bun. I could clearly see the dragon head on her thigh and she handed me a neat bourbon. As she turned and walked back towards the kitchen, I saw her naked ass jiggle barely covered by the shirt. I followed her as I smelled something good in the works. I come in to see Kat on the table covered in sushi and Char telling me “dinner is now served”.


We all took turns eating parts of Kat’s delicious body; the key to this sushi meal was to not use hands. . This was erotic, fun, different, and we all enjoyed every element of this play. As we finished the last bits, Char and I ended with our heads buried deep between the lovely thighs of Kat. Together we brought Kat to her 9th orgasm of the meal. We shared the sushi and kissed until it was all gone. Returning our attention back to Kat, we took turns pleasuring, licking, sucking, fingering, and kissing every part of her body. I stayed up top as Kat stayed down low. Kat was rounding the corner to her 10th and we both knowingly looked at each other and just stopped.


Char looked at me and we started to pleasure each other instead and made her watch. Char removed my clothes with no concern for them and I simply opened her cleavage more. I loved the way the white shirt contrasted her caramel skin. I laid her down between Kat’s thighs and proceeded to eat her into oblivion and then back, which she gladly accepted and cooed. Kat was fingering Chars nipples and kissing her passionately as she had earth shatter after earth shatter.


When I was done, the floor as well as the table had been covered in her juices. They both felt like it was my turn so they rotated the table and took turns kissing, stroking, sucking, and working my blood infused dick like the pros they are, with passion and fire. They brought me to the brink of coming more times then I care to count only to let me suffer until they both bend over the table and told me to “pick an ass any ass.” I picked Char because I loved how her round ass looked with the shirt barely covering it. I went directly into anal and made it so smooth, so passionate that you couldn’t tell we weren’t making love for real. The same while Kat put on a show, she moved just out of Char’s mouths reach and fingered herself with both hands in both holes until she reached the same finale we were all going for…. a great big cum. As that cum dripped from Char’s ass and Kat bent down to catch it.


We looked like a pleasant car crash with bodies everywhere…instead this was all from pleasure… at least until we get to the bedroom.


By Stillpoetic

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