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For Play in the Deep Blue See


I nodded slowly and threw my head back anticipating the next skin-to-skin contact. I inhaled sharply as he slid my sweatpants off, irritatingly slow. Hoping he’d slip my white lace panties off, I frowned at their continued presence. Goodness. This sensual pace is killing me but my body is loving it. He kissed each thigh as my pants made their snails-pace departure. Each kiss gentle and long. I raised my head to get a visual (and to try to send him a look of impatience). My eyes were met with those deep blues; I lost my breath. The fire that I saw behind those eyes were none like I’ve seen before.





Eyes now closed, I relax under his lips as my damned sweatpants continued their descent.

Kiss. Nibble. Lick. Kiss. Kiss. Nibble.

I wasn’t sure if it was from irritation or if I was actually starting to enjoy this teasing pace but I started to move my hips while he kissed my calves. He was thoroughly enjoying my body and my body loved it, my mind was not use to it. He was at my ankles as he held my right foot and kissed it, slipping the pant leg off. Placing that foot to the floor, he picked up my left foot, kissed it, and slipped the rest of my sweatpants off.

Still slightly irritated, I breathed a sigh of relief, and somehow, a moan joined it. He chuckled at my clear mental battle of patience and lust.


Him: Relax, Lye. Let me enjoy you.

I really just wanted this to be quick and pleasurable. He was betrothed now. I still was upset about that. Part of me just wanted to never see him or speak to him again. I hated him. I loved him. I wanted him. I…

He grabbed my thighs and carefully spread my legs, burying is nose into my panty-covered Peach and inhaled.


Him: God, you smell amazing. 

My mind stopped all thoughts. I nearly forgot who or where I was. All I could do was moan with pleasure. I didn’t realize how turned on I was until he placed a wet finger to my lips.


Him: See L…you’re enjoying this too.


I licked my lips hoping to meet his finger but his hand returned back to the task at hand. He was now stroking my engorged lower lips over my soaked panties. The stimulation was at war with the annoying feeling of my wet underwear sticking to my pussy and the fact that there was still a barrier between us. I shifted under his touch, trying to direct him to my inner thigh panty line. He didn’t get the memo. Trying to sigh again, I moaned, biting my lip in an attempt to ‘catch’ it before it escaped my lips. I lifted my head to see him smiling at me. Why won’t he let me just sit on his face? This is torture.


Him: Put your legs straight up.

Me: *panting* Huh?

Him: Legs. Straight up in the air.


What was he up to? I did as I was told and thus began the descent…or ascent, rather, of my now dripping panties. He reached with both hands under my ass, grabbing the edge of this cloth barrier, and began slowly removing my underwear. I smiled at the increase in pace as well as the feeling of his nails digging into my rotund cushions. Ouch. Oooo. It hurt and set my skin at attention, sending shivers across my stomach. He was at my thighs now; his mouth now joined in. Kissing and licking and nibbling, he was teasing me more than I’ve ever been teased before. I hated it. I loved it. Fuck him. How dare he!? How…how…

He was there.

My spot.

The back of my fucking knees.

I came.


Me: *breathy* Uhnnn…uhhnnn…oh my gooooooood….


Bolts of what felt like lightning shot the back of my right knee, where his tongue danced across the surface, to my valley. The raised skin where his fingernails skated across my ass became even more sensitive and warm. Every skin cell was alive…awake…begging to be soothed. My body jerked with each ‘bolt’ as he moved to my left knee. He was now holding up my legs due to the fact that my body was too busy orgasming. My already glistening lower lips were now trying to hold back the flood. Bolt after bolt sent a sweet, hot stream down to my, now lubricated, ass hole. I didn’t know that I could cum that hard from mere foreplay…let alone…my knees. He had to taste me. He had to be in me. I didn’t know it until it came out of my mouth…


Me: *panting and moaning* Please…Blue Eyes…..please…taste me….please…


I was begging.


By Lye N. Ess


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