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Full Body Pics

You know…you know what…see….let me just…

*deep breath*

Who are these bitches sending out full body pictures to these menfolk?! Yes, I understand this is professional and SOMEONE ELSE IS TAKING A PICTURE OF HER.

…but when I’m asked for a nice picture of my body…them pictures are coming in ARMS LENGTH snippets. I refuse to use a mirror because:

A) I don’t have a full length mirror


B) I think it’s silly

So…is there another ‘magical’ trick for taking a picture of myself!??! One of you bitches is out here sending pics to these men…otherwise they wouldn’t ask!!!

*stomps off, pouting*


But dick pics are always welcome…O.O….don’t nobody care to see all the rest of ya…


(not really)

No really…all pics are welcome. O.o

…as long as it includes a paynus..


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