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He is Just so Damn Cute


He is just so damn cute. Whenever it was time to meet up with him, I told myself, “Make sure you ONLY talk to him. Last time was the last time. Talking only. No More.” But I would open the door and see his face and his smile… He is just so damn cute. This time was unlike the other times. He came in, he sat down, and I poured us a couple of drinks and then sat next to him. I made a pathetic attempt at conversation… “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Why do you always joke about my age, I am not that much younger than you.”


I couldn’t hear exactly what was coming out of his mouth, I was studying his face. Thinking to myself over and over again, “He is just so damn cute.” But we both knew that talking is not what we were interested in at that time. He scooted closer to me, took our drinks and placed them on the table. When I heard the glasses clink on the table, I knew it was only a matter of time before my plan to just talk to him would fail. As he leaned in closer and closer, I got up, took our glasses into the kitchen and asked him if he wanted another drink.

“No, I don’t want another drink. I want you to come back in here.”

“I’ll be there in a minute,” I said, trying to find anything that I could use to stall. But my time was up, he came into the kitchen. As I tried to mumble some excuse as to what I was doing, he told me to shut up. Then he kissed me. And I was gone.


I loved kissing him. His lips were always soft. His tongue, always massaging mine perfectly, tasted like champagne. He moved his lips from mine, to my neck and began kissing my collar. His touch made me feel alive, dirty, passionate, all at the same time. I was single and he was single yet our time together always felt forbidden, to me. But I couldn’t stop. I was addicted. I was addicted to his lips, to his touch; one kiss always made me crave his dick. As he was kissing my neck, my arousal overcame my resistance and I reached down and grabbed that dick of his that I had been craving. He let out the sexiest moan and began to kiss me harder. He moved his lips back to mine, grabbed my face and bit my bottom lip. As he bit into my lip, I grabbed his dick a little harder and ripped open my blouse, then dragged me into the bedroom.


I lay on the bed, fully knowing that this was not my plan, but it was everything I wanted at the moment. He climbed on top of me and pulled my large breasts out of my bra. My nipple was already erect. He massaged the right breast before placing it in his mouth. He sucked gently, using his hands to free my left one. With every lick I squirmed, my body communicating with his that I wanted more. Each moan was intensely filled with pleasure as he pressed his bulge against my hips. I lost track of where his lips were and where they had been, he kissed me all over before returning to my lips. His kisses made me want more, his kisses made me want to taste him. So my hands traveled downward to rub the outside of his jeans. I could feel him growing and growing. I unbuttoned his jeans, placed my hand inside of his cotton boxer-briefs and found exactly what I wanted, his hard, pulsating dick, slightly damp from the pre-cum he had released. I rubbed my finger against the head of his penis to wet my finger, then placed it on my lips, sucking his essence off my finger. He knew I wanted him to feed me, but not before he gave me one last kiss.

He leaned forward and lowered all of his inches into my mouth, and I welcomed all of him. To better suck him off, I changed positions. I wanted him seated and me on my knees. I started kissing on his dick, licking on his dick, sucking on his dick, making out with his dick. He let out moans, his body started to shake, as he called my name over and over.


*record scratch*

What in the entire fuck? We were having such a great time and the fact that he is just so damn cute, well, that made me want to please him that much more. But then something strange started happening…he started lifting his body up. Being the narcissist that I am, I’m thinking that I am doing just the most amazing job ever and that his body just couldn’t handle all that my mouth had to offer. But then the realization slapped me in the face.

He was trying to get me to eat his asshole.

I thought to myself, “Do I scream, ‘FUCK THIS! HELL NO!’ and get up?” But that would be unbecoming, so I hoped that I could just ignore him trying to force his ass down my throat and he would stop. So I just continued making love to his dick with my mouth but it seemed my mouth work just made him want his ass eaten that much more. I was willing to compromise. So I decided to moisten one of my fingers and use it to massage his asshole. His body’s reaction told me that he liked it, but it seemed like he wanted more. I just could not bring myself to place my lips in his butt, so I went back to solely focusing on his beautiful dick. Occasionally, I went back to using the same wet finger to draw circles around his hole.

But I’m a pleaser.

I wanted him to enjoy our time together. But he had never motioned his ass towards me before. I was so shocked and surprised that this was even happening. He was not letting up, so I did what any self-respecting woman who refuses to lick the butt would do… I slid my finger up inside his ass…

and he loved it.


I added another finger. He went crazy. Needless to say, I had never had him cum that hard. His dick was throbbing and pulsating in my mouth while his hot semen shot down my throat. His dick fell in love with my mouth. He laid there, exhausted, his body fatigued from head. I immediately went to the restroom to freshen up and when I returned he was passed out, snoring loudly… I wasn’t able to wake him, he was practically comatose. I got cozy in my bed and thought of where my fingers had been. I could feel myself beginning to judge him and judge myself. Then I turned to look at him and to my surprise, my judgment ceased. He was just too damn cute.

By King Zie

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