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He’s Late


He’s late. Humph. Figures.

But I know one thing, he’s not going to touch me and I won’t even acknowledge his presence. What should I do to let him know I’m pissed? Ok, first let me get out of bed, that’s too inviting. Also, let me turn off all the lights so that he can’t see and let me change clothes.

I take off my negligee and settle with t-shirt and panties. I don’t want him to think I even made a fuss over him. I decide to sit down in the living room chair with my feet and legs lying crossed on the ottoman. I pick up my iPhone; plug in the headphones to listen to some music. Yes, 112 is playing. I open up a game, Tetris, and oldie but goodie, and I enjoy myself….humph, the nerve.

Did I dose off? What time is it? 4am? He’s 6 hrs late! Oh no, ain’t no way, I can’t believe he’d do this to me. You just wait until…a noise at the door….he’s here and finally I can show him what he won’t be getting tonight.

He enters with such authority. God, I love this man. He walks toward me and a moment of darkness engulfs the room as he passes through the light from the TV screen. He glides across the room towards me and I know I’m in trouble. Musiq, please keep singing to me. I turn back to my game.

Damn! How did I manage to let the pieces stack so high? Damn! I’m losing.

He looks at me and turns on the reading light next to the chair. I let him.

He takes my iPhone from my hands as the pieces stack. I let him.

He removes my headphones as Musiq was serenading me. I let him.

He looks at me. I let him.

He uncrosses my legs and gently runs his hands up my legs and parts my thighs. He moves in to kiss me. I shake, I have no control over my body, and it’s as if he does. And then the kiss. It happens so quickly but I know I’ll never forget that kiss. His lips touch mines ever so gently, so softly, so tenderly and a fire shoots to my stomach and I feel butterflies. In seconds, those same butterflies flutter to my special place and I’m weak. I am in rapture and I think he knows it.


He takes both my hands in his and gently helps me as I stand to my feet. He’s so tall, so strong, yet so gentle. Mmmmm, my gentle warrior. He walks backwards over to the bed and he sits down and pulls me closer to stand between his legs. He rubs his hands up and down my body…over and under my t-shirt as he looks at me. He smiles and slowly leans back. I’m losing this battle fast. I smile.

What the hell are you doing girl?!? Say something!

I have to say something but I can’t speak. I climb on the bed and straddle him. He lifts my t-shirt slightly and grabs my ass. My butterflies like that down there and they flutter double time. I moan. I lean down as to kiss him and I exhale. He closes his eyes. I lick his lips, but I do not kiss him…a lil’ tease never hurt nobody. Mmmmm and it seems to be working because I feel him getting harder beneath me. My butterfly friends are eager for release. He smiles and I lean in closer to suck on his ear lobe. But before I do that, I gently and lightly stroke his neck with my tongue. Oh yes, I feel he liked that too.

What the hell?! Are you going to let him get away with that?

I hesitate because “home girl” needs to be mad so I give her time and whisper weakly, “You’re late.” He smiles and puts both arms around my waist and I let him take me.


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