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Late September


Blue and red lights interrupt my highway hypnosis. It is calm night in late September; the skies are crystal clear with a slight cool breeze. My radio had been off since I started my long journey home from work. Traveling down the dark and deserted K-10 freeway, my mind is still on the long and exhausting day I had endured. I finally left the lab sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 am. My research had been on a fast track and exhibiting numerous results when a mistake in the data was revealed. I spent all night attempting to uncover the cause of this catastrophe. Ultimately, I gave up when the blurred vision and the dizziness set in from the deprivation of sleep.

Proceeding in autopilot, my mind is trying to recap the last six months of intense research, going day by day to imagine how an error this big could have happened under my watch. My first research assignment, in which I was placed in charge of, could ultimately go up in flames from simple miscalculations. My head is throbbing, my stomach in knots, and now my heart races as the Highway Patrol flashes behind me. I slowly pull over, as I gaze around at my surroundings to bring my mind back to exactly where I am. The officer turns on his spot light, which reflects in my rear-view and side mirror, causing a temporary blindness. As I roll down my window I can see the silhouette of the officer approaching my car in my driver side mirror. The shadow grows until it is at my window. I look up and squint as he uses his flashlight to examine the inside of my car. His face becomes clear when he turns off the hand held light and my eyes adjust to all the stimuli. The officer asks with a tone of authority, “Ma’am do you know why I pulled you over tonight?”

My mouth is open, but no words escape. I sit there shocked in amazement of his perfect physique, his attractive face, and his flawless skin. He asks, this time with concerning tone, “Ma’am are you alright?” I blink three times bringing myself out of a short but pleasurable daydream. “Yes, sir I’m fine. And no, I’m not sure why you pulled me over.” He replies, “I pulled you over because you were driving a bit fast and swerving between lanes. Have you been drinking tonight?” I answered with a wishful thinking expression, “No, I haven’t had anything to drink. I’m just leaving work.” The gorgeous officer looks down at his watch to confirm that it is four o’clock on a Sunday morning. He looks at me with doubt in his face and firmly asks me to step out of the car. Wearing the clothes I had on from an earlier engagement before work didn’t help with my plea of sobriety. I was wearing a slightly see-through white blouse, a black skirt that hits me mid-thigh, black design laced thigh-highs, and my favorite pair of red Louboutin pumps.

The officer has me perform several tests to ensure my ability to drive. The officer walks me over to the passenger side of my car, after I pass the sobriety tests. The officer asks me if I wasn’t drinking, then why was I driving somewhat out of control. I give the officer a brief synopsis of my day at work and explain my mind was somewhere else. I apologize for my behavior and tell him I will make sure my focus is directed on my driving. I flirtatiously bat my eyes at him trying to persuade him away from issuing a ticket of any sort. The officer tells me he understands what it is like to be stressed as he slowly and softly places his hand on my hip. He waits for a reaction of discomfort or dislike. His eyes grow big as he feels my hand on top of his, showing a sense of utter approval. We gaze into each other eyes, for what seemed like hours, understanding that both of us want this; that both of us need this.

The officer leaves me in yearning, to return to his vehicle. He turns off he’s bright spot light and then the blue and red lights. He uses his flash light to navigate back to my car. We stand there with the moon providing the only light. In the last twenty minutes of being pulled over, not one car has passed. Standing there with the fear of if he is making the right decision, I take his hand and place it inside my blouse, inside my red bra, right on top of my heart. He leans forward so both of our bodies are touching. He gently squeezes his left hand and pulls me in closer to him. He begins to kiss my neck and lick up to my ear. My body shivers and goosebumps arise from my skin. I can feel his hardness on my lower stomach. He has my heart in one hand, as his right hand discovers I’m not wearing any panties to match my red bra. He is surprised but delighted to feel the wetness of my body in his hand. His hands leave my skin as he turns my body around and starts kissing on the back of my neck. He eases his left hand now back up my black skirt to find the wetness he had left. I hear him multitasking as he kisses me, explores me, and attempts to remove all the impeding equipment and clothes from his body. Sensing a struggle, I gradually remove his hand and turn around to assist. I look into his eyes as I unbutton his shirt revealing his vest. He removes his shirt and utility belt. I take on the task of undoing and pulling down his pants and boxers. As I get his clothes pulled down I realize I’m faced with his extensive solidness. I grab his stiff appendage and place my warm, moist lips around it. I place one hand on the base and the other hand behind him, guiding his thrust in and out of my mouth. I feel his body begin to relax, flowing with my motion of power. Without a drop of magic, I take complete control of his body and mind.

Increasing my speed and the wetness of my mouth, his body begins to rapidly jerk. Not ready for our unimaginable night to end, he fights to remove himself from the place of pleasure. I notice his failed attempts and allow him to take the driver seat on our journey. He stands me up and turns my back to him. He lifts my skirt all the way up revealing a red tattoo on my lower back. He kisses the back of my neck and bends down to kiss the ink embedded in my skin. The officer’s soft, chilled hand finds my place of warmth once again and spreads my wetness. He stands up and presses my body against my passenger side door. He effortlessly slides his soul into my body. I moan with the first full penetration, my heart races, and my eyes close. My eyes close as if I’m trying to imagine exactly what we look like right now, how erotic the image is of a Highway Patrol officer driving himself in and out of me. The moans increase with every entry, the cries of pleasure arise with every exit. He fits in me like the last piece to a 1000 piece puzzle, tight and just right. I beg and plea for him to continue his explorations of my inner being. He interlocks his fingers with mine as he feels me losing control. He kisses my left ear as he gently moans and tells me how I make him feel. I feel his heart pounding on my back; we’re so close together, a single sheet of paper couldn’t come between us. After several moments of pure ecstasy, I realize his pace and aggression is amplifying.  The strokes become harder and faster, his palms sweating on the back of my hands, his breathing intense, his sounds surprisingly as loud as mine, and me begging for him not to end our night; the night I want to live every day until I die. He snatches away from me avoiding the inevitable and with his flowing testosterone sits me on the hood of my car.


The skies have now gone from black to a blue-grey as daylight breaks. We are no longer hidden from the world, but have our souls open from everyone to see. He kisses the center of my chest, then takes my breast into his mouth as he uses his free hand to stimulate me from below. My eyes are closed tight until I feel a warm wetness on my warm wetness. I open my eyes to find his head deep between my thighs. His moves and tricks make me scream out in gratification, thanking him, thanking Jesus, thanking God for the pure bliss my body was enduring. He slides me down the hood and reenters his body in mine. This time between my legs, he is on a mission, he won’t just take moans, screams, and excessive moisture. This time he’s fighting for more, he wants to see my face as he claims what is his. My body in overload bursts with ultimate desire, as my passion rains down the hood of my car. My face returns to its normal color, my eyes open, and he looks down at me with a smirk of accomplishment. My knees buckle as he stands me to my feet and bends me over next to the drippings on the hood. The swelling makes for an even tighter fit when he forces his power back into me. This trip is meant to be a short one, the only goal matching his pleasure with my already achieved pleasure. He concentrates every move to be the most productive, and even though I have reached my max, my love continues to flow out with every entry. His pace once again becomes rapid, as I feel his swelling equal mine. Our sounds harmonize, our movements become one. He forces my hips back and forth against his pelvis; I can feel him getting closer to his mission. My mind fades out from the present and drifts off to the last time I felt this free. The impact of his stokes are rapid and his power is as big as it will get before detonation. He tells me that I feel so good and he’s about to explode, our bodies tense up preparing for a deadly release. I moan uncontrollable and scream out, “Oh, Shit!” as he feels me up with his soul. “Fuck!” I screamed; this was the first time in seven years that I have screamed this hard; this was the first time in seven years he has made my body feel like this; this was the first in seven years that I had even been satisfied like this. I turned around gazed in his eyes and prayed this night would be a night I live every day until I die, but I knew it could never be as I prayed. This night would only be a night in late September.


By Anonymous Submission

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