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One Night

“One night. From sun down to sun up. I am yours.”

That was years ago. My silly pride told me that if I told him beforehand, he’d be so distracted with excitement that he wouldn’t be able to focus on the task at hand. I don’t remember now. Was it a game of pool? No…a drinking game? Oh, it’s been so long that I had even forgotten that I lost.

But today…I was reminded.

The day started like any other. I woke up to the sounds of his chains clinking together as he shuffled in his sleep. Oh the sounds of My lover tied to the bed.

“i’m sorry, Mistress.”


“Don’t worry, cub. I was awake anyway. Get My bath ready, I was done sleeping anyway.” I yawned and lazily unhooked his right ankle from his chain and laid back down. his sleepy face was My favorite face of his.

“Thank You, Mistress.” he said as he kissed My forehead and stood up beside the bed, adjusting his pajama pants.

I frowned.

I hated him in clothing. his body was Mine to enjoy whenever I pleased. Mine to lust over. Mine to spank. Mine to kiss. Mine to punish. Mine. How dare he cover himself! he must have put them on in the middle of the night. Yea, it was the middle of December but rules are…wait…how on earth could he have gotten them on properly without removing his chain? I could hear his heart sink as his face answered the question of My thoughts. he opened his mouth to speak as every muscle in his body tightened in anticipation.

“Go get it.”

he was so frightened that he didn’t move.


he sunk to the floor mouthing the words ‘please’ and ‘sorry’ as saline formed in both eyes.

With a whisper I reminded him of My pet peeve of repeating Myself. he scurried away to The Wall. he sighed as he picked his least favorite toy. It was a leather flogger. Hand crafted wooden handle with My name carved into it. Each cow skinned tassel had ‘good boy’ punched into it. It was a gift from a fellow female Domme. She told Me to use it wisely and to be careful not to get carried away with it. I loved this toy. It marked him well. If I did it right, he would end up covered in ‘good boy’s. he quickly came back to My side of the bed and knelt, presenting Me with the flogger.


“Hands on the wall.” I said in almost a whisper, I was so flabbergasted at his boldness in touching MY restraints. he knew better. he knew better….didn’t he?

his eyes still lowered, he slowly turned towards the wall and gently placed his hands against them. he tensed then relaxed, remembering that it hurts worse when one’s muscles are tightened.

COUNT!” I leapt off the bed and tore into him. There was no warm up. There was no playful banter. he was in trouble and he knew it.

“One, Mistress.”


“Four, Mistress.”

While I was asleep? How did his stirring not wake Me? I was careless.


MY chains? MY restraints? To cover what? MY property!?


his legs shook, trying to keep the rest of him from falling to the floor.

“Turn around.”

Streams of salt infused water flowed down his cheeks.

“I’m…I’m sorry Mistress.”


he fell into My arms and sobbed. I lectured him about the rules. I had all the rules memorized and I was sure he did too. I held him as sorrowfully explained himself and recited the rules. I kissed away his tears and traced the raised words on his back.

“Good boy”, I whispered in his ear.

“Shhhh…now go make breakfast. I’ll do My own shower. I’m almost late for work.”

he tensed briefly, never making eye contact as he wiped the snot dripping from his nose.

“i can still do it, Mistress”, he squeaked.

“I’m going to be late, cub. Now go!” I kissed the top of his head and left him on the floor as I prepared for My work day.



The day at work was long. I checked in with My cub every hour to make sure he was busy running errands like he was instructed. Groceries. Laundry. Dishes.


The clock on My computer indicated the end of My work day. I was tired and hungry. I couldn’t wait to get home to cuddle with My lover and watch a movie while we sat on the couch. Today had been a long day for the both of us and I was ready to relax.

[Him]: i’m ready to cash in, Mistress.

…my blood froze. Images of O/our game flooded my brain. It was a game to see who could last the longest without cumming. He had given His all. Every thrust i threw was matched with an even more aggressive thrust. W/we were drunk off lust, love, alcohol, and THC. Seeing His enthusiasm teased me to the edge of orgasmic bliss.

“i’m Yours”, He whispered in my ear.


I released. I lost. i lost.

[Him]: I’ll take your silence as an indication that you know what I’m talking about. See you when you get home.

my clit twitched in anticipation. i gathered my things from my desk and headed to my car.

By Lye N. Ess

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