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As I sit and read

The things you wrote

Of what you wanna do

I think to myself

Over and over

Of if it were to come true

So go ahead

Take things slow

So I won’t forget this night

Hands trace

Lips embrace

I want this to be right

Leave the windows

Leave the door

It’s only you and me

I pick the bed

Lights on, no covers

And now I am ready

I try to relax

 I softly bite my lip

With the inner thigh kiss

Tongue flick

With every lick

Moving deeper into bliss

Mood is set

Don’t touch the lights,

I want to see

In you go.

The pain is brief

But you’re gentle with me

Every style

Many positions

My lips begin to quiver

Sweat is cooling

 It’s no longer warm

And now I start to shiver.

Just another poem?

Are they meaningless words?

Just another fiction?

What do you think?

Are they teasing words?

Or really a true prediction?


 By Lye N. Ess


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