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So You Want To Be My sub, eh?

Asking anyone to be your Mistress takes….finesse…manners…respect…smarts…and whatever personal preference the Domme in question has.

Think about how you would approach any woman you desire to get to know or date. Do you just walk up to a chick and say

“hey babi, want 2 b my gf???”


To a random person?

Someone you don’t know (even if you read her blog, follow her on Twitter, and lick her on Facebook)?

Someone that knows nothing about you?

Personally, if that is your approach to me, I would probably laugh in your face and walk away. Who has time for someone wasting your time by being disrespectful and irresponsible?

Now that is just in the vanilla world, a world that most are familiar with when it comes to relationships but do you know anything about the world of BDSM outside of a few blog posts that you’ve seen? I think it is irresponsible to jump into a world you know very little about with a woman you know very little about. That’s reckless and who wants a reckless submissive?

Besides, what if I’m into sounding my subs? Do you know what sounding is? What about chastity? Are you willing to have your cock locked up indefinitely? What about CBT? What if I want you to drink your own cum and let me humiliate you? Sounds hot in theory maybe but keep in mind, I don’t know you and I have no patience for reckless, impolite behavior.

Perhaps you should look up how to approach a Domme. Lastly, just because you speak to me doesn’t mean you will get a reply. Maybe my kink is to ignore silly little men.


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