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Submissive and a Domme


It’s not a question of whether I love her or not. she’s a beautiful soul with a beautiful figure. she’s given Me children more precious than any amount of power or money. she was there when I was at My highest and lowest. she’s even sitting beside Me now as i text Her.


Her: How is my cub doing tonight?

me: i am doing well, Miss Lust. Always ready and willing to please You.


It sends electric icicles down my spine. It’s been what has seemed like years since i’ve heard from Miss Lust. She is my Domme. The Woman that nurtures a deeper part of me. She feeds my desires, my wills, my lust, my soul. My wife, mother of My children, she is a part of My world. My submissive.

It scares Me sometimes how quickly I can go from taking her over my knee and kneeling at Her feet weeping and kissing Her feet, wondering if i’ll be sent to the corner. In one world, I’m King. In another i live for Her very breath each day. My days streaming on and on, hiring and firing, yelling and being yelled at. she gives me what I need. I whip her for the hell of it some days. she weeps in my arms afterwards and I reassure her that I will ALWAYS love her and I do. Then I put on my boots in the dead of winter, warm my truck and wait for Her direction. She slaps me and kicks me and holds me, telling me everything will be ok.

Oh? I can’t be me and Me?

Never heard of a switch?

Well welcome to M/my story.

Welcome to O/our world.

By Franklin/cubbie boy

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  1. Robin

    I am submissive male. I wish I could serve a Goddess.


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