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Surprise Morning Head Is Not Real

I’m convinced that surprise morning head is not a thing. It typically goes:

Me: *rubs on peen*
Him: *fidgets*
Me: *rubs on balls*
Him: *stops moving and wakes up*
Me: *strokes dick*
Him: *opens eyes* meh. Quit it. I’m sleepy… *falls back to sleep*
Me: *pouts*

But I guess I get it. I love my sleep. Probably more than peen. Ok probably not more than peen. On numerous occasions, I’ve stayed up way too long fucking and sucking. Hm well I probably like sleep more than surprise morning head. Yea. That sounds about right. 🙂

Too bad his morning wood is poking me in the ass right now. Ugh. Goddamn morning wood! It’s so hard and long and strong. I want it in my mouth right now but all I can do is lay here and blog about it.


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