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Uncut Peen

I wonder what an uncircumcised penis feels like. Everywhere. In my hand…mouth…pussy…everywhere….ankle…pinky toe…yea *purrs*

Post Deepthroat

When he asks if you’re ready for anal after deepthroating him *purrs*

Want to Play?

I think I want to re-pierce my belly button. Maybe that’ll be motivation to get summer ready. Oh and YAY THIS KINKY SHIT! 🙌🏾 *Purrs*

You’d Be Surprised

When you think of orgies and sex parties…what do you think of? Do you think of creepy men?  Those guys that linger in the corner not speaking to anyone, just sipping on his cup of water with no ice through…
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He is Just so Damn Cute

He is just so damn cute. Whenever it was time to meet up with him, I told myself, “Make sure you ONLY talk to him. Last time was the last time. Talking only. No More.” But I would open the…
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