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Dripping Honey

Art. Dripping Honey by lucadenardo muse: Valentina Marino *purrs*

Eric, Kat, Char

I guess in some circles, my girl and I would be considered weird, while in others we would be considered right at home. The thing is we keep a “girl” in our home, she’s not a slave or anything, ‘mind…
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Look Back at Me

“I got an ass so big like the sun…” “Hope you got a mile for a dick, I wanna run…” “Slap it in my face….” “Shove it down my throat…” “Nigga, where ya blunt?” “I can make this pussy smoke!”…
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Victoria Secret Coupons: Then and Now

Then (when I had a lover): “Ooooo…he’s gonna like these pictures I send!!” “I can’t wait to have him rip these off!!!” “Panties! Panties! Panties! I’ma wear ALL of these this week!” “About to dance around my house in these…put…
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Club Culo

“I LOVE LATINAS!! NO NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. I. LOVE. LATINAS!” Eric’s voice roars out from the crowd of men by the bar. He watches as Latinas stroll by; some taller than others, some bigger than others, and in his…
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