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For Play in the Deep Blue See

I nodded slowly and threw my head back anticipating the next skin-to-skin contact. I inhaled sharply as he slid my sweatpants off, irritatingly slow. Hoping he’d slip my white lace panties off, I frowned at their continued presence. Goodness. This sensual…
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He Can Make It Clap

If he can make his ass clap, then I need to catch up. DO YOU SEE THIS!? *goes to mirror and shakes* Must….make…ass….claaaaaap…. *purrs*

How I Lotion My Ass

This is precisely how I put lotion/body oil on my ass. It feels rather lovely. You should try it….o.O…on your own ass of course. *purrs* 

Damn That Ass

Nothing like sitting in front of QuikTrip eating breakfast and watching a movie on the phone while watching the asses go by with my boo. And this one chick with a donk kept going in and out of QT. Each…
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