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a taste. (part ii)

(Read part i here) Letting her resume her routine, I swiped into the gym, and went to the locker room to put my things away. Walking in the locker room, I saw a few familiar trainers and of course some guys…
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He’s Tired

I wish that’s how it worked. He would just push my head away and roll over talmbout “I’m tired”. *purrs*

Submissive and a Domme

  It’s not a question of whether I love her or not. she’s a beautiful soul with a beautiful figure. she’s given Me children more precious than any amount of power or money. she was there when I was at…
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Too Vocal

This shit is so hot. I will say though…I’m too sensitive and too vocal to be trying to have conversations when He’s even LOOKING at my vagina. Sir. This can’t go down. I’m too loud. *purrs*

a taste. (part i)

While I was supposed to be heading to Atlanta for an MBA conference, my delayed flight home to Charlotte gave me a sign that I should just forego this year, so I spent a few hours waiting for a plane…
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