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I Miss Touch

I miss the touch of a man. My hand in his. Just feeling his warmth and…energy. His masculinity. His strength. But my god, that heat. Is it heat? Hm. I miss it. Even in the mere handshakes I receive. That…
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Tatted Up

This tattoo itches. NOBODY told me it’d be like this. I want a refund. *throws tantrum* However…I’d get 100 tattoos all over my body… before I re-pierce my nipples. …… oh yea…and I could go for a cunning linguist right…
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Nipple Rubs

Lawd. Just watching this makes my nipples tingle. *shivers* *purrs*

Why Aren’t You In My Mouth

The way he glides over my tongue. Such smooth skin. The slight sweetness of pre-cum. The shortness of time from flaccid to stone. The length and girth of Him. Why aren’t you in my mouth right now? Why? *purrs*