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Too Horny To Sleep

No, you can’t stay up masturbating. You have to be up early. No, this doesn’t count as a workout. Yes, I know it feels really fucking good. No, you can’t have ‘just one more orgasm’! Do you want to squirt…
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I’m Too Dramatic For This Shit

I’m too dramatic. Would have broken the faucet. Knocked off everything on the counter. Collapsed on his face. It would have been a mess. Cumming while standing doesn’t work for me. *purrs*

“Money makes me cum…money…money makes me cum.” *purrs*

Who Me?

I’ve seen something like this happen in real life. Only difference was that she was blindfolded, tied up, and on a leash. I walked into the room while she was servicing a couple. As the man was about to cum…
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Who’s in the mood for some sweet and salty nut? Mmmm *purrs*

This is you tomorrow.  *purrs*