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Gaming & Clits

And that’s not even all you should do to it. Wanna know what to do to a clitoris??? ASK YOUR PARTNER WHAT SHE WANTS!!! You’re welcome. *purrs*

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  sexworkerhelpfuls (tumblr): Escort Webcam Model Stripper Sugar Baby ProDomme Prosub Findom Fetish Model Phone Sex Operator RT Sex Work Online Sex Work – Selling Panties – Escort Screening – Taxes – Payment Options – Safety – Learn something. *purrs*

Rules of Sex

OH MY GOD! NUMBER FIFTEEN! Please cut your nails. And wash your hands if you just ate with them. Nothing like spicy vag. *purrs*

Asshole Chocolates

You Can Now Give Your Boyfriend A Chocolate Mold Of Your Butthole For Valentine’s Day [NSFW] What a time to be alive I would do this. My asshole is cute! *purrs*

Pro Tips for Gagging

Pro tip for gagging. O.o It’s true though. The more slippery wet it is with spit, the easier it slides back.   *purrs*