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Because it needs to be said. *purrs*

So You Want To Be My sub, eh?

Asking anyone to be your Mistress takes….finesse…manners…respect…smarts…and whatever personal preference the Domme in question has. Think about how you would approach any woman you desire to get to know or date. Do you just walk up to a chick and…
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Consent is Sexy

  Consent Campaign at UT Austin Link Consent is sexy. One of the things I loved about the play party. Both men and women would ask for permission before ever even touching me. “Can I touch your shoulder?” “Can I…
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All of this!! Cliteracy! Yasssss!! *purrs*

Female Condoms

Oh yea, a topless tea party…I got one of these! I’ve never seen one in real life! *gasps* It’s like seeing a unicorn…or something like that. Apparently they’re expensive. O.o Kinda sad that it’ll probably never get used by me….
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