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Learn Something

Learn something. Vagina. Vulva. Clitoris. G-spot. Secretions. Oh and if you own one of these…and you’re old enough to view my blog…you should know about these and how they work and what they do. Please. Please. Please. Learn your body,…
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Know Thyself…

“Who are you…?” A question that we often ask, but never really answer. Sure we give a generic response that requires very little thought, but are we really doing each other a service by exchanging such banalities? Upon asking myself…
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Don’t Hit My Cervix, Please

And do ya’ll see where it shows the cervix. That’s nothing to play with. Shit hurts. And if you’re hitting it a lot…it’s not that you have a huge dick, it’s typically because she’s not aroused enough to where her…
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We Argue. We Touch.

Women: it is okay to gently touch your man. Men: it is okay to touch your woman without rubbing on her. It is okay to touch your partner outside of sexual intercourse or foreplay. I am well aware of the healing touch…
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What That Pussy Look Like?

If you’re honest with yourself, then you probably cannot remember the last time you even looked at your vagina. Well… go get a handheld mirror. While you’re getting that, make sure you wash your hands. Go on. I’ll wait. …….
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Laugh, Ho

*clears throat* Knock, knock… *waits for response* O.o *purrs*