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Full Body Pics

You know…you know what…see….let me just… *deep breath* Who are these bitches sending out full body pictures to these menfolk?! Yes, I understand this is professional and SOMEONE ELSE IS TAKING A PICTURE OF HER. …but when I’m asked for…
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Thief of the Night

Would you really call me that? You gave in willingly Willing me To show you where to bend At the waist, so I can taste What’s at the base, on my face Drip, drop, now my tongue slide Enjoying the…
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What That Pussy Look Like?

If you’re honest with yourself, then you probably cannot remember the last time you even looked at your vagina. Well… go get a handheld mirror. While you’re getting that, make sure you wash your hands. Go on. I’ll wait. …….
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My Thoughts After Taking a Shower

That moment after you shower…when you get a scent of something sweet and flowery…you sniff your skin…nope…you sniff your hair…nope…you dip a finger into your pot of honey between your legs…mmmm….yup…. -My Thoughts After Taking a Shower