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And don’t just use your hands… *purrs*

Eric, Kat, Char: The Teasing Game

Women are very competitive. If that was something I didn’t know or recognize before, I certainly am sure of it now. Kat and Char, as much as they are good with sharing, they have their moments where they have to…
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Eric, Kat, Char

I guess in some circles, my girl and I would be considered weird, while in others we would be considered right at home. The thing is we keep a “girl” in our home, she’s not a slave or anything, ‘mind…
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My Friend’s Little Sister

Him: But I have some morals…I can’t mess with my friend’s little sister. Me: Either you want me or you don’t. It’s up to you. I’m not going to do anything if you don’t want me to. All you have…
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