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Scruffy White Men

I guess I seem to be attracting young, cynical, scruffy white men that have the dry humor and grumpiness of a grandpa. Such young souls that are beautiful and they express themselves through writing. Enjoying this part of the journey…
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Grocery Shopping Single

I love shopping…up until the part where I have to carry my own shit into my home. Those are one of the moments in which I realize JUST HOW SINGLE SANGLE I AM!!!! Where’s a nice, strong skrong ass man…
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Git Thee Away from Me SATAN!!!

*throws holy water* What the…. …you got to be out your mind thinking that is going ANTYWHERE near me. I like my vagina. She’s been good to me. I don’t want to end up in the hospital… or screaming from…
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My Former School Officer

So. When I was in high school…we had this SEH-CK-SEEEEEE ass school officer. Talk about a walking wet dream. So young and hip and cool. Pretty sure every chick in that school wanted to sit on his face and some…
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Good Dick

“Some say I’m hoish…” “Some say I’m arrogant…” “Some say I’m cocky…” “Some say I ain’t shit…” “…BUT I’VE GOT GOOD DICK!” “Good dick.” “Good dick.” “Good dick.” “GOOD DICK!” “Good dick.” “Good dick” “GOOOOOOD DIIIIICK!!!!!!” *purrs*

Look Back at Me

“I got an ass so big like the sun…” “Hope you got a mile for a dick, I wanna run…” “Slap it in my face….” “Shove it down my throat…” “Nigga, where ya blunt?” “I can make this pussy smoke!”…
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