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He’s On His Way Home

He’s texting that he’s on his way home. I set the vibe to ‘High’. My moans drown out the hums of the lawn mowers outside. I turn it off. What was that? I pause. No more noise. I continue. I…
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Still Surprised: BWWM

  I must say, I’m still surprised/skeptical of the fact that there are White men out there that are attracted to Black women [excluding the “hood ass thuggish” ones]. I grew up in a predominantly white area and yet I…
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Too Horny To Sleep

No, you can’t stay up masturbating. You have to be up early. No, this doesn’t count as a workout. Yes, I know it feels really fucking good. No, you can’t have ‘just one more orgasm’! Do you want to squirt…
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Uncut Peen

I wonder what an uncircumcised penis feels like. Everywhere. In my hand…mouth…pussy…everywhere….ankle…pinky toe…yea *purrs*

Convos with Friends

Me: Is [Friend’s Husband’s name] a flirt? [Boyfriend’s name] just can’t help himself around women. It’s cute. Friend: Not really, he sort of scares skittish women off. He’s got this “Imma drag you in my cave” vibe. lol. Me: Y.U.M.M.Y….
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