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Bate On Your Period

And don’t TELL me ya’ll ain’t masturbating on your period…. WHAT?! Do you even know what an orgasm feels like when you’re bleeding!??!?! YES GAWD! Cramps?! What?! Boom. Gone. (or never begin) So what’s the real issue? Uncomfortable with your…
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Full Body Pics

You know…you know what…see….let me just… *deep breath* Who are these bitches sending out full body pictures to these menfolk?! Yes, I understand this is professional and SOMEONE ELSE IS TAKING A PICTURE OF HER. …but when I’m asked for…
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Victoria Secret Coupons: Then and Now

Then (when I had a lover): “Ooooo…he’s gonna like these pictures I send!!” “I can’t wait to have him rip these off!!!” “Panties! Panties! Panties! I’ma wear ALL of these this week!” “About to dance around my house in these…put…
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I Miss Touch

I miss the touch of a man. My hand in his. Just feeling his warmth and…energy. His masculinity. His strength. But my god, that heat. Is it heat? Hm. I miss it. Even in the mere handshakes I receive. That…
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My Thoughts After Taking a Shower

That moment after you shower…when you get a scent of something sweet and flowery…you sniff your skin…nope…you sniff your hair…nope…you dip a finger into your pot of honey between your legs…mmmm….yup…. -My Thoughts After Taking a Shower