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Too Horny To Sleep

No, you can’t stay up masturbating. You have to be up early. No, this doesn’t count as a workout. Yes, I know it feels really fucking good. No, you can’t have ‘just one more orgasm’! Do you want to squirt…
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Caught Red Handed

Me last night. *sniggles* Orgasms solve everything, including cramps. *purrs*


All of this!! Cliteracy! Yasssss!! *purrs*

Eric, Kat, Char: The Teasing Game

Women are very competitive. If that was something I didn’t know or recognize before, I certainly am sure of it now. Kat and Char, as much as they are good with sharing, they have their moments where they have to…
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Learn Something

Learn something. Vagina. Vulva. Clitoris. G-spot. Secretions. Oh and if you own one of these…and you’re old enough to view my blog…you should know about these and how they work and what they do. Please. Please. Please. Learn your body,…
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