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I’m convinced that surprise morning head is not a thing. It typically goes: Me: *rubs on peen*Him: *fidgets*Me: *rubs on balls*Him: *stops moving and wakes up*Me: *strokes dick*Him: *opens eyes* meh. Quit it. I’m sleepy… *falls back to sleep*Me: *pouts*…
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I want to touch you in ways you’ve never been touched. Make you feel levels of pleasure you’ve never felt. *purrs*

How I walk up into work after getting that morning dick down. “Dey know…dey know” *purrs*

“The royal penis is clean, Your Highness.” -Shit I tell Him after I wipe him down after sex

bestofthewestbd: Genius. Make him beg to be denied. I will use that. Hm. *purrs*

That’s why I was born a girl. If I was a boy, I would stick my dick in everything. I mean, it’s a nice mailbox! love-and-bdsm (via submissivefeminist) All of this. “I mean….that cup of yogurt had it coming.” *purrs*