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Surprise Morning Head Is Not Real

I’m convinced that surprise morning head is not a thing. It typically goes: Me: *rubs on peen* Him: *fidgets* Me: *rubs on balls* Him: *stops moving and wakes up* Me: *strokes dick* Him: *opens eyes* meh. Quit it. I’m sleepy……
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Git Thee Away from Me SATAN!!!

*throws holy water* What the…. …you got to be out your mind thinking that is going ANTYWHERE near me. I like my vagina. She’s been good to me. I don’t want to end up in the hospital… or screaming from…
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Good Dick

“Some say I’m hoish…” “Some say I’m arrogant…” “Some say I’m cocky…” “Some say I ain’t shit…” “…BUT I’VE GOT GOOD DICK!” “Good dick.” “Good dick.” “Good dick.” “GOOD DICK!” “Good dick.” “Good dick” “GOOOOOOD DIIIIICK!!!!!!” *purrs*