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I Am

I Am a Goddess. I Am a God. I Am a Queen. I Am a King. I Am Everywhere. I Am Powerful. I Am Worthy. I Am. *purrs*

Fuck Toy #43

Oh how relevant this still is…apparently. 🙂 To have dated me and attempt to slut shame me is just plain silly. I am the best slutty slut slut OUTCHEA! You won’t forget me. You can’t. But please continue to try….
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I’m Everywhere

I’m here. I’m there. I’m in your thoughts. I’m in your dreams. You sniff the air and smell hints of me. You lick your lips and taste bits of me. You sit in silence and hear my giggles. Don’t blink…
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Thief of the Night

Would you really call me that? You gave in willingly Willing me To show you where to bend At the waist, so I can taste What’s at the base, on my face Drip, drop, now my tongue slide Enjoying the…
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As I sit and read The things you wrote Of what you wanna do I think to myself Over and over Of if it were to come true So go ahead Take things slow So I won’t forget this night…
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These lips, they yearn for contact Contact of another’s lips, to send me into bliss. These cheeks, they wait for embracing Embracing not by my own hands. These hands they wait for the next interlocking Interlocking hands of love and…
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