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So You Want To Be My sub, eh?

Asking anyone to be your Mistress takes….finesse…manners…respect…smarts…and whatever personal preference the Domme in question has. Think about how you would approach any woman you desire to get to know or date. Do you just walk up to a chick and…
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Femdom Curiosity

When I first dipped into the world of femdom, I was curious about the lack of black male submissives. This was discussed in some forums on FetLife of why there appears to be a lack and why some black male…
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Fake Deep

#FakeDeep by Cecile Emeke If you didn’t know who fake deep is, watch the full video here. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Vimeo | Youtube Nothing to add or take away. *Purrs*

Who Me?

I’ve seen something like this happen in real life. Only difference was that she was blindfolded, tied up, and on a leash. I walked into the room while she was servicing a couple. As the man was about to cum…
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You’d Be Surprised

When you think of orgies and sex parties…what do you think of? Do you think of creepy men?  Those guys that linger in the corner not speaking to anyone, just sipping on his cup of water with no ice through…
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Surprise Morning Head Is Not Real

I’m convinced that surprise morning head is not a thing. It typically goes: Me: *rubs on peen* Him: *fidgets* Me: *rubs on balls* Him: *stops moving and wakes up* Me: *strokes dick* Him: *opens eyes* meh. Quit it. I’m sleepy……
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