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Have You Ever Been Kidnapped Before?

So I’m at the gas station, looking fine as fuck. Hair up. Tights on. Shoulder showing. Knee-high boots. I’m getting out of my car and dude sees me and holds the door open for me. I’m like “Oh boy….here we…
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I Am

I Am a Goddess. I Am a God. I Am a Queen. I Am a King. I Am Everywhere. I Am Powerful. I Am Worthy. I Am. *purrs*

Fuck Toy #43

Oh how relevant this still is…apparently. 🙂 To have dated me and attempt to slut shame me is just plain silly. I am the best slutty slut slut OUTCHEA! You won’t forget me. You can’t. But please continue to try….
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I’m Everywhere

I’m here. I’m there. I’m in your thoughts. I’m in your dreams. You sniff the air and smell hints of me. You lick your lips and taste bits of me. You sit in silence and hear my giggles. Don’t blink…
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After meeting under the dusty lights at the town bar, they sat opposite one another on the couch. He had on his black button down shirt that hung loosely over his waist; the trim of the white undershirt peaked out…
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He is Just so Damn Cute

He is just so damn cute. Whenever it was time to meet up with him, I told myself, “Make sure you ONLY talk to him. Last time was the last time. Talking only. No More.” But I would open the…
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