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Eric, Kat, Char: The Teasing Game

Women are very competitive. If that was something I didn’t know or recognize before, I certainly am sure of it now. Kat and Char, as much as they are good with sharing, they have their moments where they have to…
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Eric, Kat, Char

I guess in some circles, my girl and I would be considered weird, while in others we would be considered right at home. The thing is we keep a “girl” in our home, she’s not a slave or anything, ‘mind…
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What’s Up

We had talked about the rules before I got there. She had told me how it would be an easy weekend, unlike some of the others. She said she wanted to just go out and have fun, and that I…
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The Tower

My eyes traced the reflection in the bathroom mirror. Two dull lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling did nothing to disguise the rings and cracks under my eyes. Running a fingernail down my cheek I realized that I wasn’t a boy…
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Day 2

  I slowly awake from a wonderful nights sleep. Ness is in a fetal position, back to me, still wearing the purple baby doll from the night before. My penis is erect and again ready. Ness does know what just…
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Day 1

(See Prelude) I wake up to an annoying buzzing sound and the feel of someone shifting in the bed. The annoying sounds ends and someone settles back into the bed and slides her naked posterior back into my naked anterior….
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