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A Letter to My Lover

The first time I was with him, I texted him on my way over that I was nervous. When I got to his house, he was waiting for me outside. He took me inside and gave me the nickel tour…
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a taste. (part ii)

(Read part i here) Letting her resume her routine, I swiped into the gym, and went to the locker room to put my things away. Walking in the locker room, I saw a few familiar trainers and of course some guys…
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a taste. (part i)

While I was supposed to be heading to Atlanta for an MBA conference, my delayed flight home to Charlotte gave me a sign that I should just forego this year, so I spent a few hours waiting for a plane…
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I Am

I Am a Goddess. I Am a God. I Am a Queen. I Am a King. I Am Everywhere. I Am Powerful. I Am Worthy. I Am. *purrs*

Fuck Toy #43

Oh how relevant this still is…apparently. 🙂 To have dated me and attempt to slut shame me is just plain silly. I am the best slutty slut slut OUTCHEA! You won’t forget me. You can’t. But please continue to try….
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