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a taste. (part i)

While I was supposed to be heading to Atlanta for an MBA conference, my delayed flight home to Charlotte gave me a sign that I should just forego this year, so I spent a few hours waiting for a plane…
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The Party: Part II

(You can find Part I here) “Oh my god. Wait. Wow. You guys look.” I was standing towards the entrance after paying my entry fee and getting the rundown on the rules for the evening. You’re free to be as…
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Have You Ever Been Kidnapped Before?

So I’m at the gas station, looking fine as fuck. Hair up. Tights on. Shoulder showing. Knee-high boots. I’m getting out of my car and dude sees me and holds the door open for me. I’m like “Oh boy….here we…
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I Fucked On My Boss’ Desk

I have a story that would fit this gif. It was on here before I deleted my blog years ago. Fucking on my boss’ desk. Story coming soon(ish). *purrs*

Topless Tea Party

There is something wonderful about being in a room full of topless women. For those that have been following my blog for a while, I’ve made mention of going to a topless tea party a year or so ago. Well…
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Who Me?

I’ve seen something like this happen in real life. Only difference was that she was blindfolded, tied up, and on a leash. I walked into the room while she was servicing a couple. As the man was about to cum…
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