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Manly Roping

(Photos by mbradfordphotography, rope by Mr Matt PFM model is Christopher Ash.) Oh my fucking Christ of Jesus of Nazareth and Ethiopia. This is hawt as fuck. *purrs*

Convos with Friends

Me: Is [Friend’s Husband’s name] a flirt? [Boyfriend’s name] just can’t help himself around women. It’s cute. Friend: Not really, he sort of scares skittish women off. He’s got this “Imma drag you in my cave” vibe. lol. Me: Y.U.M.M.Y….
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Submissive and a Domme

It’s not a question of whether I love her or not. she’s a beautiful soul with a beautiful figure. she’s given Me children more precious than any amount of power or money. she was there when I was at My…
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Up Against The Wall

I’d probably not believe him at first. Me: *nervous giggle* What? Him: …do it now. *stands up* Me: O.O……………are you serious? Him: *moves closer* Don’t make me repeat myself…. Me: *panties get moist*….O.o….*walks to wall* The end. o/ *purrs*

I want to be tied up and fucked until I don’t know my name anymore. I need to be spanked until I’m in tears and my juices flowing down my leg. I want to be gagged, saliva dripping down my…
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