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What’s Up

We had talked about the rules before I got there. She had told me how it would be an easy weekend, unlike some of the others. She said she wanted to just go out and have fun, and that I…
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Know Thyself…

“Who are you…?” A question that we often ask, but never really answer. Sure we give a generic response that requires very little thought, but are we really doing each other a service by exchanging such banalities? Upon asking myself…
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Day 1

(See Prelude) I wake up to an annoying buzzing sound and the feel of someone shifting in the bed. The annoying sounds ends and someone settles back into the bed and slides her naked posterior back into my naked anterior….
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Thief of the Night

Would you really call me that? You gave in willingly Willing me To show you where to bend At the waist, so I can taste What’s at the base, on my face Drip, drop, now my tongue slide Enjoying the…
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We met online at a dating site.  There are so many differences.  I am just starting my search and she is ready to quit hers.  She is black, I am white. She is 25, I am 55. She is from…
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Club Culo

“I LOVE LATINAS!! NO NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. I. LOVE. LATINAS!” Eric’s voice roars out from the crowd of men by the bar. He watches as Latinas stroll by; some taller than others, some bigger than others, and in his…
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