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Submissive and a Domme

It’s not a question of whether I love her or not. she’s a beautiful soul with a beautiful figure. she’s given Me children more precious than any amount of power or money. she was there when I was at My…
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I’m Dying

Haven’t been feeling Domme-y feelings lately. I think I’m dying. O.O *purrs*

One day… One day I won’t have neighbors downstairs or to the side of me. One day I’ll be able to scream bloody murder as the orgasms take over my body. One day I’ll submit to his masculinity. One day……
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What some Dom/mes are Scared of

homeforhomelesssubs: Being a Dom/me is a scary thing. I have often felt conflicted about my desires and acting on them. I have been ashamed, embarrassed and felt selfish for feeling them let alone admitting them to a partner. Everything I…
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Tis not for the weak…. *purrs*