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Me every time we are out except I think they are staring because we are too fly. *shrugs* Hate haters. *purrs*

Scruffy White Men

I guess I seem to be attracting young, cynical, scruffy white men that have the dry humor and grumpiness of a grandpa. Such young souls that are beautiful and they express themselves through writing. Enjoying this part of the journey…
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Day 2

  I slowly awake from a wonderful nights sleep. Ness is in a fetal position, back to me, still wearing the purple baby doll from the night before. My penis is erect and again ready. Ness does know what just…
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Day 1

(See Prelude) I wake up to an annoying buzzing sound and the feel of someone shifting in the bed. The annoying sounds ends and someone settles back into the bed and slides her naked posterior back into my naked anterior….
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We met online at a dating site.  There are so many differences.  I am just starting my search and she is ready to quit hers.  She is black, I am white. She is 25, I am 55. She is from…
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For Play in the Deep Blue See

I nodded slowly and threw my head back anticipating the next skin-to-skin contact. I inhaled sharply as he slid my sweatpants off, irritatingly slow. Hoping he’d slip my white lace panties off, I frowned at their continued presence. Goodness. This sensual…
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