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The Party: Part II

(You can find Part I here)

“Oh my god. Wait. Wow. You guys look.”


I was standing towards the entrance after paying my entry fee and getting the rundown on the rules for the evening.

You’re free to be as bare as you like. If anyone messes with you, let me know. There is no touching without asking. Drinks are over at the bar. There’s some food over at the table. Enjoy yourself, dear.

“Guys, I can’t breathe…”


A petite redhead smiled at me while her tall blond friend introduced herself and the group she was chatting with. The names escape me now, I was too much in shock to even really pay attention to conversation.


“I just wanted to say that you look so gorgeous. You guys, do you see her? Oh my god…you are…beautiful. I’m freaking out at how hot you are. Ok…ok…I need to calm down.” the redhead hyperventilated while she complimented me.

“Oh aren’t you sweet! Thank you, boo.” I wondered if this was some sort of welcome party for all the newbies. I would later find out that the redhead would become an important part of a magical experience….or two.



I’ve been mingling with a few couples for 20-30 minutes. The air is electric with nerves and sexual tension. I wasn’t quite sure how these things get started. Would someone just pop out a titty and a dude would start fucking her? My bladder throbbed from all the urine I held for fear of coming out of the bathroom to a full blown orgy. My wandering mind stopped dead in her tracks when the petite redhead and another woman asked me a question.

“Hey [petite redhead], are you ready to change? I brought this sexy little number that I think is so hot.”

“Yea we should. I think it’s time to get changed and get the party started.”

The petite redhead looked at me.


“Want to come watch us change.” I enthusiastically said yes.

Say what? I get to see titties and ass and get to just thoroughly enjoy watching women? I will gladly follow…besides, I knew I had some sort of affect on the petite redhead and I needed to see how far I could push it. She was tapping into my Domme side.


Happily sitting on my heels on this California king bed with drink in hand, two naked women are prancing around trying to squeeze into their (barely there) clothing. Petite redhead turns her attention towards me.


“You are so fucking beautiful. I can’t say it enough.”

She joins me on the bed, pulling the arm of her changing partner.

“Can I touch you?”

Wide eyed and drunk on hormones.

“Yes”, I squealed.


By Lye N. Ess

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