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These lips, they yearn for contact

Contact of another’s lips, to send me into bliss.

These cheeks, they wait for embracing

Embracing not by my own hands.

These hands they wait for the next interlocking

Interlocking hands of love and friendship, not just the latter.

These breasts, they yearn to be caressed

Caressed by others hands, not only my own.

This waist, it cries for an arm

An arm to encircle, screaming security.

These legs, they sit smoothly, waiting

Waiting to walk into the arms of the one I love.

These eyes, they wait for another’s

Another’s eyes, through which their soul will shine.

This nose, it searches for a scent

A scent in which to drown in.

This tongue, it yearns for a new flavor

A flavor that can only come from another.

This heart, it beats…and beats…

Waiting for the other heart…that beats the same.

By Lye N. Ess


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