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After meeting under the dusty lights at the town bar, they sat opposite one another on the couch. He had on his black button down shirt that hung loosely over his waist; the trim of the white undershirt peaked out near his chest. She looked relaxed in a tight blue dress that left little to the imagination. It grasped her at the shoulders and didn’t let go until her thighs. She had kicked off her matching heels upon entering his apartment. She came with an agenda and left him nervous.

He eyed her body and met at her face. She shot an immediate smile making him clutch his knees. He knew that she wasn’t his type and neither him for her. She radiated and knew it. He wouldn’t be able to tame her.

She scooted towards the center cushion and watched his face. A wince followed by a crooked smile. It dropped off from below his nose when she had found her way against his body. He lit a cigarette to speed a few minutes off the clock.

Maybe she will notice it’s late and have to go home.

Maybe there’s somebody waiting for her.

Maybe she would notice that he wasn’t ready.

The nicotine filled his lungs as he deeply inhaled. She kept smiling.

Softly removing the cigarette from his lips, she took a puff and lightly blew it against his forehead. The windows were propped open, quickly sucking the clouds into the atmosphere.

His memory’s floodgates released and he began to imagine her. It hadn’t been long. Two and a half weeks. But they had spent three years together. He knew her body, her touch, and her smells. Years of faithfulness unscrewed his temperament. He had been taught that this was saved for those that you love. He counted how many he had before on his index finger. He didn’t dare ask her.

Her warm hand ran alongside his cheek as she butted out the smoke for him. She caressed him into a stupor and he laid beside her, eyes closed; vulnerable but accepted.

She slid down his body and unbuttoned his pants. Pulling out his half erect penis she began to moisten it against her tongue. Within seconds he was at full attention and moaned lightly as she continued. He hadn’t felt anything like this before. The rhythm of her neck moved perfectly against her lips and her fingernails tickled under his scrotum. She looked up calmly and dropped her dress down to her waist. She looked perfect. Everything that the imagination thought that it knew was proved wrong. There wasn’t a blemish on her. A small round birthmark lay just above her right nipple but it did nothing but compliment the rest of her.

He felt her panties drop down against his feet and her applied force against his shoulders. Looking up at her from the couch she straddled him. His penis throbbed inside of her as she rode like a trained athlete. His body laid mostly still outside of following her lead and the occasional twitch of nerves. She pushed her hands tight against his chest and moaned with him, pummeling the squeaks he could release.

His brain began to be encompassed as he saw bright lights and shapes against his dark eyelids. He listened intensely on her sounds as euphoria filled his body. He had forgotten all about what he was used to and enjoyed living in the moment of this. She let out one more exasperated scream and dropped down on top of him. Her body felt warm but dripped cold with sweat.

She removed a cigarette from his pack, lit it, and leaned in to apply a kiss against his cheek that pushed up his face from his smiling lips.

“Sometimes we all need to share what we have.”

By Red

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