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Victoria Secret Coupons: Then and Now

Then (when I had a lover):

“Ooooo…he’s gonna like these pictures I send!!”

“I can’t wait to have him rip these off!!!”

“Panties! Panties! Panties! I’ma wear ALL of these this week!”

“About to dance around my house in these…put on a fuckin’ SHOW! Where’s my webcam at?!?!”

NOW (that I’m saaaanyguuuuul):

“Why must you tease me like this VS!?”

“Oh the panties I could buy…BUT I’M SINGLE! I’ll just stick to period panties and last years VS panties. Fuckin’ sad.”

“I mean…I could use these as coasters, right? *weeps*”

“Oh, the pictures I could take…but don’t nobody want to see them…”

Send me a coupon for muhfuckin vibrators and dildos so I can be like…


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