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What’s Up


We had talked about the rules before I got there. She had told me how it would be an easy weekend, unlike some of the others. She said she wanted to just go out and have fun, and that I was to accompany her.

The car ride was long, as usual. The winding interstates cut up and down hills while the scenery remained stagnant.
My senses flooded back when my feet hit her doorsteps. She opened the door and smiled at me. There was a rush throughout my body and my knees wanted to buckle, sending me to the floor below her, as I had done each time prior.
“Well hello there,” she broke the silence first, keeping her smile.
I followed her in and we began our small talk.
“Good, good,” she said, obviously paying no mind to what I was saying. “Change of plans.”
“What’s up?” I asked her, shifting to get comfortable in the chair I was in.
What’s up?” A scowl rolled in across her face and she snapped her fingers. “Clothes off.”
I looked at her confused and slowly lifted myself up using the arm rests.
“Now!” Her voice shook the room and my clothes fell to the floor. “Now pick them up.”
As I bent over to reach for my shirt, I felt the bottom of her shoe push against my waist and shoving me over to catch up with my center of gravity.
Kneel!” She ordered watching me dumbfoundedly struggle up to my knees.


“Good. Wait.” And she left the room.
The shades were pulled shut when I got there so I wasn’t sure what time it was, but the shadow peaking out from below the window had now darkened the entire room.
I heard a door bang shut and listened to footsteps walking around the house. Recognizing Miss Lye’s sighs, I knew that she was finally home.
In the living room the TV hummed through the walls and the gears of a recliner turned, locking the footrest in front of the television.
Once the shadows grew into complete darkness I heard the television switch off.
What’s up?” Miss Lye’s voice mocked me from behind.
“I’m sorry Ma’am…” I squeaked.
“MmmHmmm. Ready for bed?”
Cycling through my available responses I hesitantly chose the only acceptable one, “Yes Ma’am.”
“Good. Follow me.”
With a flick of her wrist, I followed her into her bedroom. The pain in me knees subsided and I saw her perfectly made bed.
Miss Lye climbed into bed and propped herself up on her knees. “Come,” she patted the edge of her bed.
I slid across the floor anxiously and stood near the bed, waiting for another pat to climb in.
Miss Lye raised her hand flat in the air, and instead of bringing it down onto the mattress, she pointed a single finger to the carpet.
Slowly lowering to my sore knees I raised my eyes up at her.
“What’s wrong, red?” She asked with a smirk, knowing what my answer was.
“Nothing, Ma’am,” my voice cracked.
“Good. Take my panties off”
Following directions, I daintily slid her black panties down her thighs.  As my fingers were inches below knees there was a tug on the back of my head and I was pushed tightly against Miss Lye’s pussy.
Keeping a hold of me, Miss Lye forced my face into her and grinded against it.
“Tongue out,” she barked between moans.
The sweet taste of her washed over my mouth while I ran my tongue across her slit. She pulled me in tighter yet and I felt my airways close.
My hands closed into sweaty fists against Miss Lye’s thighs. The struggle went unnoticed. My brain and cock throbbed in rhythm until finally being released.


Gasping for air I was pulled back in.
“Keep your tongue out.”
Slipping a foot under my balls, Miss Lye’s toes curled, lightly rubbing them along my swollen sack.  Then came the sound that I dreaded. Her toenail flicked the plastic chastity tube and she giggled between sighs.
With one more push against my head, the back of my throat filled with Miss Lye’s sweet juice. Holding me against her tightly, she gave my chastity device one more click with her toes and pushed a palm against my forehead.
My eyes were magnetized on Miss Lye as she reached across the bed to the nightstand. She brought back a small gold key and held it in front of my face, tapping my nose with cold metal.
“What did You do wrong today?” She asked, raising my chin with her finger and balancing the key on the bridge of my nose.
“The way I spoke was rude Ma’am,” being made to keep eye contact by her fingernail digging under my jaw.
“Good. Maybe you’ll do better tomorrow,” she quickly snatched the key from between my eyes and carelessly tossed it towards the nightstand where it bounced and landed somewhere in the corner of the room.
“Yes Miss Lye,” I responded dropping my eyes back to the floor.
“Goodnight, red,” Miss Lye smirked, handing me a pillow and motioning towards the light switch.


By red

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