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You’d Be Surprised

When you think of orgies and sex parties…what do you think of?

Do you think of creepy men?  Those guys that linger in the corner not speaking to anyone, just sipping on his cup of water with no ice through a straw. He has one hand holding his drink, the other in his pocket in which you just KNOW he’s rubbing his cock. Front of his pants are wet with precum and previous ejaculate…did he cum in his pants before he got here?!


What about the guy who has clearly been here before but still doesn’t know how to initiate a conversation let alone sex. He’s typically walking around drinking some alcoholic drink that he doesn’t know how to handle, asking everyone woman that walks by if this is her first time here. After being ignored by the 7 women he approached, he sits by the bar or table of food and stuffs his face with something rather messy. Finally a chick approaches him and he doesn’t know what to do so he he asks…


Oh let’s not forget the old lady who smells of moth balls and expensive perfume. You know this isn’t her first rodeo and won’t be her last. All the men (and women) seem to want her. She isn’t much to look at but you can feel her presence, it’s intoxicating. She’s drinking some crazy ass cocktail that some gorgeous man brought her.  Who is she and why do I want to be her…and fuck her?


Lastly, the thought of hot, young, tanned bodies grinding together. Every chick is walking around naked with tight skinny bodies, giggling and kissing each other. The men are chiseled and tanned with huge schlongs, glistening in the dimmed light from fucking so much. Every guy is getting chose and every chick is bi. Coke dust is in the air and bowls are filled with X. There’s a sweet smell in the air and no one is using a condom.

Who else do you think goes to these sort of things?


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